LOTTA HAGERMAN born 1940 in Stockholm, living in Stockholm. University College of Arts, Crafts an Design, Textile 1958-63

The first years after my education I was weaving gobelins, knitting embroidery, creating textile applications, making designs to curtains, plaids and rugs, wallpaper and print designs for dresses, and I was also making paintings on canvas.

In 1969 I performed a scenic installation with sculpture of textile, big as human beings, in the art gallery Krognoshuset in Lund.

A group of designers, myself included, decided 1970 to start " !0-gruppen", TEN SWEDISH DESIGNERS. We engaged a textile factory to print our own designs and opened a store and exhibition room in Stockholm. We also made textile decors for public environment and exhibitions around our textile prints and wallpapers. In Stockholm, New York, Paris among other places, we built room-interiors together which was a real collective creative challenge! In 1976 I left 10-gruppen with the intention to put all my energy on creating paintings.

At the art gallery Doktor Glas in Stockholm 1979 I made an exhibition with painted still life. The motifs, it could be glasses, porcelain, cutlery, sewing things, fabrics, where sometimes very enlarged.

In 1980 it was time for "Vi arbetar för livet", a big event with around 30 woman artists occupying the whole Liljevalchs Art Gallery. Two artists, me included snatched one big hall for the room-installation SKANDAL I KONSTHISTORIEN, Scandal in art history. We wanted to show that there existed so many very successful women artists during 16th,17th, and18th century. In 1970th-editions of encyclopedias many woman artists had been removed and we were denied an important part of history.

In 1993, during the restoration of Ekotemplet in the Royal Park of Haga I was engaged to reproduce the damaged, and since long ago over painted decor of the temple. I worked in my studio and on the scaffold, this with brush oil-paint and templates.

Since many years, free painting is my work. Currently, my motives are inspired by human interactions, struggles and dilemmas­­­ ­– tableaux of figures conversing against a vibrant backdrop of colors and textures.